Completely Redesigned

Learner Ninja has a new clean modern look, reworked to be more intuitive and straight forward to use.

Better Documentation

We ripped up our old documenation and started afresh. Need help? Click help on any page to see in-depth documentation instantly.


If you are at home on your widescreen monitor or on the bus using your phone. Everything scales perfectly and remains easy to use.

Where You Left It

All your courses, evidence and files are right where you left them. They're just in a new shiny folder!


Can I use Learner Ninja?

Learner Ninja is completely free to use for learners whose training provider are using the Your File e-portfolio system.

If your training provider is using Your File then all you need is your learner number to get started. Your tutor will be happy to give you your learner number.


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